All you need is a little imagination.


textbook: $250

me: chill


*leaves date to gather more energy*

  • teen wolf spoiler: hot people making poor life choices in places with poor lighting without shirts

Maybe we need to think like Stiles.

Like a hyperactive spazz?

Happy 35th Birthday Mindy Kaling! (June 24, 1979)

"When people say ‘I hate math’ what you’re really saying is, ‘I hate the way mathematics was taught to me.’ Imagine an art class, in which, they teach you only how to paint a fence or wall, but never show you the paintings of the great masters. Then, of course, years later you would say, ‘I hate art.’ What you would really be saying is ‘I hate painting the fence.’ And so it is with math. When people say ‘I hate math’ what they are really saying is ‘I hate painting the fence.’"
— UC Berkeley math professor Edward Frenkel (via we-are-star-stuff)

This guy also made a math porno (that’ll teach you to love math)